Venice is a city full of places to see and visit. Its every corner can surprise us with something that we like and that’s worthy for photographing. Still, after talking on another occasion how to get to Venice from the airport or how to move around Venice, now let’s read a small guide to Venice with the 10 most characteristic places in town that you must not miss.

Plaza de San Marcos: It is the center of life in Venice, a popular meeting place where people can take a walk, listen to musicians, have a coffee, browse in the shops of the square or to feed the large number of pigeons in the square. The places listed below are easily accessible, while planing to visit check-out weekly transport offers for Venice.

El Campanario: It is near the Piazza San Marco. It is actually a copy of the original ninth-century bell tower that collapsed in 1902. There is a lift to the top.

The Basilica of San Marcos: It’s a masterpiece of Byzantine architecture. Built in 830, was originally a chapel for the ‘Doges’. The present basilica dates back to the eleventh century and contains some magnificent mosaics.

Plaza Ducale (Doge’s Palace): Located next to the Basilica and were the residence of the ‘Doge’ and the seat of government. We also find here the Bridge of Sighs, a Baroque stone bridge built in the seventeenth century that connects the Doge’s Palace with old prison.

The Rialto Bridge: Located in the middle of the road and the Grand Canal was built in 1588 by Antonio de Ponte. It has a double row of shops lines on the bridge, which is a tourist attraction.

The Ghetto: It was the first Jewish Ghetto (Group of minority members), giving his name to all restricted Jewish communities. In 1492 many Jews were expelled from Spain and Central Europe and took refuge in Venice.

The Santa Maria Church: It is considered as the most splendid church after San Marcos.

The Art Gallery: It is located on the Grand Canal nearby Accademia Bridge. It has a wonderful collection of Venetian art of Canaletto, Guardi, Bellini, Tintoretto and Titian.

The Guggenheim Collection Peggy Guggenheim bought the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni on the Grand Canal in 1951 to house his collection of modern art.

The Great School of San Rocco: It was one of the great Venetian guilds and houses 56 paintings by Tintoretto in the opulent interior.

Hope you will have a great entertainment in Venice along with this all the places. Besides these places Venice has some other places where you should go if you have enough time to visit them.

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Entertainment and Nightlife in Venice

Venice is not exactly known for having a lively nightlife although there are enough bars to have a drink.

The fun and enjoy starts in the evening, when the Venetians are out for their daily walk along the Riva Degli Schivoni or the field of their neighborhood streets. Sometimes they stop to have a snack, which usually consists of a glass of Prosecco cold (the local white wine).

For a drink, the hottest spots are located around Piazza San Marco. Most of these places are around bohemian streets of Cannaregio and San Polo, where you can have a glass of wine with fishermen and students. To consume alcohol you must be over 18 years. Bars are open at 24.00 or at 01.00 hrs, although some are open till the late nights, especially the bars in the hotels.

Bars in Venice


The Refolo

A lively wine bar with a long wine list in the district of Castello, near to Biennale (center for research and new artistic brands) here you can enjoy drink after visiting Biennale.

Address: 1580 Via Garibaldi, Venice, Italy

10 Metri Quadrati

This is a small bar in the Cannaregio district, built with the wooden beams. It remains open well after midnight serving the Spritz, martini and typical fruit mojitos. Snacks are also available like salads, panini, cheese platters and salami.

Address: Fondamenta di Cannaregio, Venice, Italy

Bacaro Jazz

It is a lively and cheerful cocktail, conveniently attached to a restaurant and just two minutes walk distance from the Rialto Bridge. It is preferred by young and trendy crowd, attracted by its special menu of cocktails. The bar has long list of wines and beers to be  chosen from. Open from 1:00 pm to 2:00 am.

Address: San Marco 5546, Venice, Italy

Website: http://www.bacarojazz.com

Clubs in Venice


In the heart of Venice there are really fabulous clubs, you need to go to the Lido, where you can have a good party at late night with your friends. Acropolis is one of them; it is on the seafront club and gives a really nice feel with mix of music from 70’s hits to the most current. It is one of the most happening place in the city at night.

Address: Lungomare G. Marconi 22, Lido, Venice, Italy

Piccolo Mondo

It is one of the most famous club to see local Venice dances, even though strictly speaking, it is not a proper club but a pricking disco bar and having a dance floor. Open until 4:00 AM.

Address: DD 1056 Accademia, Venice, Italy

Website: http://www.piccolomondo.biz

Live Music in Venice

Venice Jazz Club

Located between Piazza Santa Margherita and Santa Barnaba, this lively jazz club regularly organize performances by local and international musicians. Open Monday to Saturday and it is advisable to book in advance online for live performances.

Address: Dorsoduro 3102, Ponte dei Pugni, Venice, Italy

Website: http://www.venicejazzclub.com/

Classical Music in Venice

Scuola Grande San Rocco

These building houses an important collection of works of art, including most famous painting of Tintoretto painter. It is just near to church Scuola and these both buildings open their doors at sunset as it organize numerous cultural events: art exhibitions and small concerts by local musicians.

Address: San Polo 3052, Venice, Italy

Website: http://www.scuolagrandesanrocco.it

Music and Dance in Venice

Gran Teatro La Fenice

This fabulous theater was built in the late eighteenth century. It was destroyed by a devastating fire in 1996, but later on restored with all its greatness. The building which originally can only be accessed by boat, is a jewel of Venetian architecture and hosts operas, classical concerts and ballets throughout the year.

Address: Campo S. Fantin, San Marco 1965, Venice, Italy

Website: http://www.teatrolafenice.it

While you are on holiday, these bars and restaurants will let you have the great nightlife memories in the Venice. Meet locals, enjoy local dances and have real taste of Venice.

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Venice: A Italian Water Beauty


Venice is a city made up of many islands, around 200 and connected by 400 bridges. The city is part of the region of Treviso, consists of several islands including Murano which is a series of islands.

Without any doubt, try to describe the beauty of the city of Venice in words is difficult. To discuss this city, it can be considered as an impossible task because you need many words to describe its beauty and architecture, but you can never be able to describe the beauty around every corner there, along with the uniqueness of changing crowded streets of cars by inland waterways and buildings by ducal palaces.

Among the favorite places to visit, Venice is the city which exists at the top on the Internet. If talk to the travelers then we can find the peoples who have visited this city even four times and they visit this city every alternate year. The main source of income of the city is tourism. Venice is a very popular place for visitors, especially during the spring and autumn, when the weather can be enjoyed.

What is the best time to visit Venice?

The best time is middle of February to late May / early June. Note that Venice is a small but extremely touristy town, and this time is very crowded.

How many days we must spend in Venice?

Three days are quite sufficient to see the city well. Even a little intense two days are enough. This makes this city a perfect place to spend a good weekend site, make a trip or combine it with any other city in Italy. If you want to visit the other islands around, you’ll need 4 or 5 days to have enough time.

Travel In Budget

Venice is not exactly a costly City. On the contrary! Before going for a trip its better to make a plan for small budget, for example decide how much you want to spend and controls a bit, as the journey is going to cost a fortune. However, if you go with a partner and you control a little spending, a four days (three nights) can get away for about 400 €. So whatever you will see in Venice will be a mark on your heart, you will see that how a city is floating on water and still it has every aspect of life. You are going to have a wonderful memories there.

And Gondola Ride will be definitely a life experience!

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