Venice is a city full of places to see and visit. Its every corner can surprise us with something that we like and that’s worthy for photographing. Still, after talking on another occasion how to get to Venice from the airport or how to move around Venice, now let’s read a small guide to Venice with the 10 most characteristic places in town that you must not miss.

Plaza de San Marcos: It is the center of life in Venice, a popular meeting place where people can take a walk, listen to musicians, have a coffee, browse in the shops of the square or to feed the large number of pigeons in the square. The places listed below are easily accessible, while planing to visit check-out weekly transport offers for Venice.

El Campanario: It is near the Piazza San Marco. It is actually a copy of the original ninth-century bell tower that collapsed in 1902. There is a lift to the top.

The Basilica of San Marcos: It’s a masterpiece of Byzantine architecture. Built in 830, was originally a chapel for the ‘Doges’. The present basilica dates back to the eleventh century and contains some magnificent mosaics.

Plaza Ducale (Doge’s Palace): Located next to the Basilica and were the residence of the ‘Doge’ and the seat of government. We also find here the Bridge of Sighs, a Baroque stone bridge built in the seventeenth century that connects the Doge’s Palace with old prison.

The Rialto Bridge: Located in the middle of the road and the Grand Canal was built in 1588 by Antonio de Ponte. It has a double row of shops lines on the bridge, which is a tourist attraction.

The Ghetto: It was the first Jewish Ghetto (Group of minority members), giving his name to all restricted Jewish communities. In 1492 many Jews were expelled from Spain and Central Europe and took refuge in Venice.

The Santa Maria Church: It is considered as the most splendid church after San Marcos.

The Art Gallery: It is located on the Grand Canal nearby Accademia Bridge. It has a wonderful collection of Venetian art of Canaletto, Guardi, Bellini, Tintoretto and Titian.

The Guggenheim Collection Peggy Guggenheim bought the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni on the Grand Canal in 1951 to house his collection of modern art.

The Great School of San Rocco: It was one of the great Venetian guilds and houses 56 paintings by Tintoretto in the opulent interior.

Hope you will have a great entertainment in Venice along with this all the places. Besides these places Venice has some other places where you should go if you have enough time to visit them.

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